I have been creating custom solutions and templates for Microsoft Word since 1998.

Most people think that templates only regulate the “look” of a document. In fact, templates can include custom ribbons and automation to personalize tabs and commands in the order you want them. If your company is not using templates, they are missing the advantages that custom automation can provide.


Buttons can run macros, insert pre-designed tables or figures, and convert table ranges copied from other applications; creating high quality documents throughout your company.  These are customized Word applications with features specifically designed to produce efficient and consistent documentation.

With over 20 years working as a Microsoft Word expert developing custom business solutions, I have the skills, knowledge, and experience to build automated Word solutions that include:

  • Formatted tables of various styles, selected from a dialog box and inserted with a single button click
  • Pull Quotes/Sidebars inserted to highlight important text
  • Auto numbering streams for tables, figures and exhibits to ensure accuracy and instant updating of all numbering throughout the document
  • Automatic Table of Contents generation and updating

Contact me if your interested in having a custom solution developed for you.